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The Mosaic Law, Part 3: How Observing the Mosaic Law Affects Salvation

If Christians are subject to the Mosaic Law, then it is necessary for Christians to observe the entire law perfectly in order to receive salvation. (Ga 5:3[pa|in]; Jas 2:10[pa|in]) It would then be necessary to become intimately associated with all the law and to make sure to carry out all its regulations. (De 6:24[pa|in]; 28:58, 59[par|int]) And if salvation came through the Mosaic Law, then what point was Christ's sacrifice? (Heb 10:1-10[pa|in]); Ga 5:4[pa|in]) However, if Christians are not under law, then trying to adhere to law would only unnecessarily impede their worship and make their service to God more difficult. (Ac 15:28, 29[pa|in]; Ga 3:10[pa|in]; 5:1-12[pa|in]) So what do the Scriptures say?

Paul established that the purpose of the law was to make sins manifest. (Ro 3:20[pa|in]) This made it a tutor (or guardian) leading to salvation through Christ by means of our faith, (Ga 3:24, 25[pa|in]) and provided a shadow of the things to come. (Col 2:17[pa|in]; Heb 8:5[pa|in
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The Mosaic Law, Part 2: A Brief History of God's Laws

Law from God has played an integral part throughout human history. Rebellion against Jehovah God's laws began with the very first rulebreaker, an angel whom we now call Satan, (Re 12:9[pa|in]) whose jealousy led him to pretend to be a serpent and lie against God to bring mankind death through sin. (Ge 3:1-5[pa|in]; Joh 8:44[pa|in]) It was by loving his wife more than God (Ge 2:22-25[pa|in]; Ro 1:21[pa|in]) that the first man, Adam, rebelled, breaking the one simple rule (Ge 2:16-17[pa|in]; 3:6[pa|in]) and thereby lost the gift of everlasting life for all his descendants by passing sin to them, and lost paradise for us all. (Ge 3:23, 24[pa|in])

Afterward, his son Cain violated the natural law of human existence not to murder. He had even been warned not to let his petty jealousy consume him, and then he murdered his brother anyway and was therefore driven from off the tillable ground. (Ge 4:2-16[pa|in]) Undeterred by this lesson, the whole world was ruined in God's sight when i…

The Mosaic Law, Part 1: Introduction

Many nominal Christian religions today observe some form of the Mosaic Law, in whole or in part, sans the punishments, not sanctioned in the Christian Scriptures. They may observe the sabbath day of the week (Friday/Saturday) or the first day of the week (Sunday) in honor of Christ's resurrection without knowing what the Scriptures say on the matter. Some even observe a sabbath month and year according to the Law of Moses. Many perform circumcisions or have a long list of dietary restrictions. They may even impose restrictions in excess of the law, often about veganism and/or clothing and grooming, ritualistic practices, etc. But are Christians under obligation to continue to observe the Mosaic Law? Are there any parts of the Mosaic Law that Christians are required to observe according to the Scriptures? If so, why? Are any laws not in the Mosaic Law added to Christians?

In this refutation against slaving to tbe Mosaic Law, I will show that Christians are not under obligation to a…

The Trinity/Binity, Part 13: What Definitively Proves That Jesus Is Not God?

Now that you have had a thorough view of how the claim that Jesus is God falls far short of substantiated proof, (and in some cases proving exactly the opposite when the fog is lifted from the verse,) let us look at verses that make it clear, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Jesus is most certainly not God. Verses that require no explanation, no ignoring the body of the Scriptures, no exploiting ambiguities, no fiddling with the text and no making up non-existent rules of grammar to prove some false doctrine. Lots of verses.

God is not a mere man who tells lies, nor a son of man who changes his mind.

1 Kings 8:27[pa|in]
But will God really dwell on the earth? Look! The heavens, yes, the heaven of the heavens, cannot contain you; how much less, then, this house that I have built!

Job 9:32[pa|in]
For [God] is not a man like me that I may answer him, that we should go to court together.

Isaiah 66:1, 2[pa|in]
This is…

The Trinity/Binity, Part 12 (5): Is There Proof That Jesus Is God? (Romans to 1 John)

DOES ROMANS 8:9[pa|in]PROVE THAT JESUS IS GOD? It is thought by some that "the spirit of God" here is the same as "Christ’s spirit" later in the verse. However, as brought out in the context in verses 10 and 11[pa|in], this verse is saying that "Christ’s spirit" is the qualifier to receive God’s holy spirit. That is, in order to have union with God, one must have union with Christ, just as Jesus said, "No one comes to the Father except through me." (Joh 14:6[pa|in]) By not unerstanding that, one misses the point of this Scripture entirely. (See DOES ACTS 16:7 PROVE THAT JESUS IS GOD? in part 12 [4] for more details.) Having "Christ’s spirit" is having a "spirit" in the same sense as having "the spirit of wisdom" or "of disobedience". It is an attitude that one adopts. Thus we must adopt the attitude, or spirit, of Christ in order to receive God’s holy spirit. God’s holy spirit "dwells" in us, but…